Piros Feher Beans


Phaseolus Vulgaris | Open-Pollinated | Organically Grown

Classified as semi-runner / dry beans. Plants have elaborate vines and need trellis support. A Hungarian heirloom variety pronounced as Pee-Rosh-Fay-Hair.

Planting Tip: Direct seed after all danger of frost has passed. Germination can take up to 5-7 days. Allow plenty of space for airflow for beans to dry later in the season.

Harvesting Tip: Wait until pods and enclosed seeds have reached complete maturity.



Seed Depth                                                : 1-2”

Plant Spacing                                             : 3-4”

Row Spacing                                              : 18-24”

Days to Maturity                                       : 90-95 Days

Germination Temperature                      : 21-31°C



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