Goldy F1 Zucchini


Cucurbita Pepo | Hybrids Seeds | Organically Grown

Long vibrant yellow skin white flesh and green stem. Almost spineless. Powdery mildew is tolerant.  Great tasting at 8-10” fruit.

Planting Tip: Plant directly outside in late May or early June when soil temperature has reached 25°C. It can be started indoors as well, sow 2-3 weeks before the frost. Ready to transplant outside when soil temperature has reached 25°C.

Harvesting Tip:  Harvest at 8-10” or smaller. Pick when the skin is soft and glossy.  Pick every other day to encourage productivity.

Storage Tips: Fruits are perishable and store 3-4 days if kept at 1-2°C at 90% humidity.



Seed Depth                                                : ½ -1”

Plant Spacing                                             : 12-24”

Row Spacing                                               : 5-6”

Days to Maturity                                       : 50 Days

Germination Temperature                      : 25-35°C


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