Calendula – Flashback Mix


Calendula – Flashback Mix | Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada
Calendula officinalis | Annual | Heirloom

Planting tip: Sow indoors 3-4 weeks before planting outside or direct sow in early spring. Pinch back young plants to encourage bushy growth. Keep plants watered, but try to avoid overhead watering as plants are susceptible to mildew.

Harvesting tip: Harvest in morning after the dew has dried and when the blossoms are half-open.



Seed depth : 1/4″

Plant spacing : 12-18″

Row spacing : 18-24″

Sun tolerance level : Partial Sun

Days to germination : 6-14 Days

Days to maturity : 45-60 Days

Germination temperature : 12-21°C, optimally 18°C


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