Buttercrunch Lettuce


Lactuca Sativa | Open-Pollinated | Bibb Lettuce | Organically Grown

Crisp and sweet tasting. 6” heads which small and compact. Slow bolting and does well under stress. Original Breeder: Cornell University.

Planting Tip: Sow seed directly outside as soon as the soil can be worked. One can also start plant indoors 3-4 weeks ahead of planting time. Most lettuce won’t germinate well above 25°C except few heat-tolerant varieties.

Harvesting Tip: Harvest at any stage but flavor is best in fall after a few cold nights.

Storage Tip: Can be stored in sand in a root cellar at about 1-2°C.



Seed Depth                                                : ¼”

Plant Spacing                                             : 6”

Row Spacing                                              : 24”

Days to Maturity                                       : 46 Days

Germination Temperature                      : 5-20°C
Optimal Temperature                              : 16-18°C

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