Burmese Okra


Abelmoschus Esculentus | Open-Pollinated | Organically Grown

Burmese Okra plant produces good yields of 7 to 12″ long light green okra. The pods are green and turn creamy yellow-green when mature. Large pods are tender, spineless, and very flavorful. At 4 to 10″ long they are tender, sweet, and spineless enough to be eaten raw or added to salads. A great pickling variety. A favorite used in restaurants. Variety adapted to our northeast region.

Planting Tip: Start indoors 6 weeks before the transplanting date. Delicate roots so handle carefully when transplanting. Okra can survive dry conditions but fruits well adequate water.

Harvest Tip: Harvest often to get more fruits. Harvest every 2-3 days.

Storage Tip: Okra pods will keep well for 7-10 days in aerated plastic bag or container at 7-10°C



Seed Depth                                                : 1/2”

Plant Spacing                                             : 18-24”

Row Spacing                                              : 3’

Days to Maturity                                       : 50 Days
Germination Temperature                      : 18-32°C

Optimal                                                      : 26-30°C

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