Baby Blue Hubbard Squash


Cucurbita Maxima | Open-Pollinated | Organically Grown

5-7” lbs scaled-down blue Hubbard with smooth grey skin and sweet flesh. This teardrop-shaped uniform Hubbard is also great for trapping cucumber beetles.

Planting Tip: Plant directly outside in late May or early June when soil temperature has reached 25°C. It can be started indoors as well, sow 3-4 weeks before the frost. Ready to transplant outside when soil temperature has reached 25°C.

Harvesting Tip:  When fruit mature that has rich color and hard rinds that are hard to dent with a fingernail. Another indicator is ground spot getting riper in color from yellow to cream, gold to orange. Cut 2” stem to avoid rotting from the broken stem. Must cure in dry and warm conditions.

Storage Tips: Store at 10-12°C with 55-75% humidity with good air circulation.



Seed Depth                                                : ½ -1”

Plant Spacing                                             : 18-24” Bush Varieties

                                                                     : 24-36” Vining Varieties

Row Spacing                                               : 3-5’

Days to Maturity                                       : 95 Days

Germination Temperature                      : 25-35°C

Optimal                                                      : 85°C

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