Ailsa Craig Onion


Allium Cepa | Open-Pollinated | Certified Organic By Ecocert Canada

Spanish variety that is large, sweet and firm. 5-6” bulb size. Stores up to one month. Named for a perfectly round, solid rock island off the coast of Scotland.

Planting Tip: Start indoors 10-12 weeks before the transplanting date. Trim seedling to 1” when it reaches 5” to increase thickness.

Harvest Tip: When tops dry up and fall over harvest for storage variety. Cure for 3-5 days in the fields. Alternatively, cure in the greenhouse at 23-26°C and 80% humidity.

Storage Tip: Cool and dry slowly to elongate the dormancy period. Onion can also store in a root cellar at 0-1°C and 65-70% humidity.



Seed Depth                                                : 1/8-1/4’”

Plant Spacing                                             : 3-4” Medium Sized

                                                                     : 4-6” Large Sized

Row Spacing                                               : 18-30”

Days to Maturity                                       : 105 Days
Germination Temperature                      : 12-32°C

Optimal                                                       : 23-32°C


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