Gaia Organic Vision

We believe seeds are the world’s most precious treasure. If lost then we cannot propagate an aspect of the plant kingdom. We have already lost a lot of biodiversities that is irrecoverable. Our passion lies in sustaining this biodiversity while being part of this continuing journey of evolution with the plant kingdom. That means nurturing the new traits that these plants bring to the collective.

Collective here encompasses all the being that directly or indirectly make up the very substance that creates and propagates life, the seeds, the soil microorganisms, the animals (bees, insects, cattle, etc and us).

This collective is what sustains us and life itself. Within this collective, life gets created, propagated and we continue on the journey of life. It is important to honour this collective and respect the complex interdependence that has always existed and sustain itself.

Our vision is born out of this. We believe in using organic practices to revive the soil microorganisms for healthy soil that will give us wholistically healthy food. The food produced in this way is high in nutrient density and also respects the collective that produces such high-quality vegetables. All our seeds are grown organically and follow strict certification guidelines to guarantee that we are producing top quality seeds for our customers. 

Why was Gaia Organics Born

After speaking with many organic farmers we concluded that there is a need for a national seed company that serves Canada and is at par in terms of quality and delivery of seeds with its counterparts in the US. Some of the challenges farmers mentioned were high custom duty charges importing from the US, high shipping costs, irregular supply and a lack of a holistic seed menu that caters to all categories of farmers.

One of the main challenges has been that not every seed company can grow all its seeds because of a lack of isolated pieces of land for seed production within manageable distance, cost and manpower; unpredictable weather patterns that affect the seed quality in production and lack of financial resources to produce seeds at a cost to meet the needs of farmer’s expected price range.

To solve these challenges Gaia Organics was born. Gaia Organics’ broad vision is to serve organic farmer and all their needs and built an interconnected network among farmers that serves our broader vision to sustain the collective lifeforms as it has always been before the dawn of industrial agriculture. We will start with seeds and excel at that before we jump on to offering other products and services that will help us achieve our broader vision.

Gaia Organics is not motivated by greed or drive to make a profit. We solely exist to serve organic farmers which indirectly helps the collective. Our relentless pursuit continues to strive for this mission. Although we are not not-for-profit because our mission is fierce and our reverence for life is so important that it shouldn’t be put in jeopardy by a possible lack of funding. We accept that we are rooted in the current economic system and believe that through this fundamental exchange of seed and money we can build a future that will sustain the collective.

We are based out of Ottawa, Ontario serving organics seeds to Ontario residents only. We use land at Greta’s Organic Garden at the moment and continue to do our seed production there. With the limited amounts of land available and respecting isolation distance to have genetically pure varieties that you love, we continously strive towards producing most of our seeds in Ottawa. With your support and our continued financial investment in our infrastructure would garuantee us a future where we can actually produce all our seeds and be a self-sustaining local economy. Lets work together to build that future.